Losing house, but not home.

I have dreams of writing here full-time. And while I created the domain months ago, it has been a blank space since. Tonight, I am not ready to commit to the birth of what I hope this will become. But I cannot let the night pass by without committing the memories of the last 48 hours to (e-)paper, for fear of forgetting one precious detail of God’s provision on this day…

Where to begin? God has called us overseas. It’s been a process of agonizing over hard decisions for months, but I know it is true. I did not want it to be true. I hoped for an escape, not because it’s not a noble and wonderful cause, but because I often rely on the comfort of this home and life for my sense of security and purpose. My heart feels like it belongs here. It’s a beautiful gift, and one that took many years of fighting and investing and trusting God to be true. And yet, I know that he longs for me to experience my true home as far from here. Not just on the other side of the ocean, but on the other side of eternity.

So the months have passed and we have labored and when we were finally ready to commit with both feet in the water, we knew that meant saying goodbye to our house. Our sweet, charming brick ranch. Our first-time-homeowners home. We processed and calculated and decided we’d list in a couple months. On a whim, I emailed our realtor just to update him on our plans and ask for advice on if we needed to fix anything before trying to list. I owe every event of the last 48 hours to his wisdom upon receiving that email.

Jim knew the market was hot and that people are desperate for these entry-level homes. He encouraged us to consider listing now… like, a week or two from that moment I emailed. We could negotiate staying in the house as renters. We could be aggressive with the price. We could be certain we wouldn’t be stuck trying to be landlords while living overseas. There was the potential risk of needing to move, but we decided to give it a shot. I cannot get over how right he was.

Our house hit the market on Monday afternoon after the biggest snowfall of the year. Within five minutes of listing, I had a text from an agent wanting to show our house. Then another. Then another. I had to turn them away for the day because we were totally snowed in! I started setting up the showings for Tuesday.

On Tuesday, NINE people viewed our house. On Wednesday morning, there were three more. By noon on Wednesday, we had FIVE offers on our house. And they were solid. We were blown away! So at 2:00pm today, after an hour of deliberating and seeking wisdom, we sold our house… less than 48 hours after listing, and for over our asking price. The buyers will let us live here until May for less than our current mortgage. We close in three weeks.

I cannot begin to describe the deep sense of confirmation this has given me about leaving. It would be untrue to say I am no longer pained at the thought of being gone, but there is no room in my heart anymore for questioning if this is right. God has done a big and generous thing, and we are in awe.

These next few weeks, I know I will walk down the hallway, into these rooms, and around our yard with new eyes. There is an expiration date on this home, and it is not ours for long. I am grieved to say goodbye to this cherished place. We have loved it well. And yet, I am so very confident, and so deeply grateful for that confidence, that it is soon time to say goodbye. And perhaps with that, learn yet a little more about finding my true home on that other side of eternity.

Thank you, Lord, for your gift in today. You are generous and unmatched. May I place a signpost on this day in my memory; may I erect a tower of stones to remember your faithfulness. You have done this, and it is good.




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