Here goes nothing…

12113302_10107394540947484_4327992516716734354_oMy name is Erin.

There will be a lot more time for pleasantries… more details about my life, my home, my dreams and passions, and definitely my kiddos. But today I felt the need to just start writing.

I created this domain oh, I don’t know, a few months ago, on the heels of even more months of pondering a new creative outlet. I love to make, to do, to create. I suppose the trendy way to say it would be to say that I am a “maker,” but the truth is, I am a lot more than that too. Sure, I love my time to craft, cook, build, and dream. But I am also a mother, a wife, a friend, an employee… and there are about ten thousand daily responsibilities that can stand in the way of my getting to live out this maker persona. Which, truth be told, is a huge part of why I wanted to start digging out my own hole of the internet.

Because when the days pass and it’s been four or five since I picked up my knitting needles, or the only creative thing I’ve done all week is figure out a solution for the fact that my kid is out of diaper wipes, I still want a place to land. I want to be able to talk about and reflect on these days: the creative, productive ones as well as the ordinary, dragging-your-feet-and-needing-more-coffee ones.

All of this, too, comes at the doorstep of some pretty significant transition. In about two months, we will be moving our family overseas for one year. I’m cautiously optimistic that it will be a great year, but with two small kids in tow and little understanding of the language (not to mention no community there yet and big-city apartment living), I’m not holding out too much hope. More to come there.

So yes, all that to say, it was time. Here goes nothing. I’m hauling out my virtual cedar chest, opening its creaky lid, and taking the first step towards collecting memories. Thank you for being here with me! Whether you consider yourself to be a maker, a momma, or all the in-betweens, I hope you find a place here to be inspired, to invest, and to curate your own days and thoughts, hopes and memories.

So nice to meet you,


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