The New Nest

14289901_10108834247169674_3413983399369446955_o-1We’ve been in Asia for two weeks today.

The girls are napping as I fight the mid-afternoon energy lull, sprawled out on the stiff living room sofa. It’s a far cry in coziness from the leather sectional at Mimi’s, but I will waste no time in proclaiming that this little apartment of ours feels very much like home. The experience of it all has been quite a surprise… I don’t know if it’s because the kids took to it so quickly, if it’s the clean walls and natural light, or just the fact that our hearts were so prepared for the transition… but when we walk through the heavy steel door on Floor 14, we all feel it. We will do just fine here.

Most of our days have been pretty good. There’s been lots of adventuring and learning the hard way, lots of research to find real bread and peanut butter and black beans and more. On the other hand, though, have been fresh steamed buns on the corner for breakfast, bountiful produce stands with exotic greens and mangos the size of my whole hand, smiling locals, delighted by my pale-skinned babies. I know that hard days will come, but for now, we are thriving and it is nothing short of a gift.


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