Thoughts from a birthday cardi


  1. I am the worst secret-keeper. Well, at least about things that are mine to share! By now you know that this sweater was actually a surprise gift for my best friend’s little girl, and not mine. Most people would just wait to share anything until the gift was given. But I am a chronic over-sharer, and just couldn’t wait!
  2. Mailing handknits is terrifying. I sent this back to the States (from Asia) by way of a friend’s suitcase, and entrusted him to put it in the US Mail when he got home. I knew that he would remember and do it, but I was obsessive about tracking the package until it reached Brittany’s doorstep. What if it gets lost in the mail!? What if it gets damaged?! AAAHHH!
  3. Kids + color = cutest. I love me some neutrals, but I could not get enough of these bright pinks and blues! Those blue speckles and Baby’s eyes… all the double heart emojis!
  4. Colorwork knit flat is, ummm, not fun. So hard to keep even tension on purling rows! Also, I really really need to figure out continental knitting so I can work a color in each hand. Related
  5. How do you trap your floats? Because I am beginning to wonder if any method is actually invisible, or if I just have issues. 
  6. I am obsessed with We Love Knitting. This merino is butter-soft, and Claire (the proprietor and indie-dying Aussie) is just the cutest. I love supporting individuals, and am so excited about the friendships available through Instagram and this little fiber community. Seriously, buy her yarn! You will not be disappointed.
  7. I want to make this pattern for every baby ever. Seriously, browse the pattern page on Rav. The color possibilities are endless, and it can be distinctly masculine, feminine, or gender neutral depending entirely on your color selection. I especially love the intarsia versions with several different colors for the flags.

Pattern: Sweet Bunting by Laura Chao
Yarn: We Love Knitting DK in pink-fetti and Fingering in Fluro Pink (held double); Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock in Monet (held double)
My project page: Birthday Bunting


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