2016 review, 2017 dreams


It feels a little funny to be recapping a year of knitting here, because while I have certainly been knitting the whole year long, it’s really only been four months since Cedar Chest Knits launched in earnest. I began my Instagram account and regular posts in this space after we moved to Asia, just in time to join the Fringe & Friends KAL. Since then, my knitting has really taken off, and I managed in the last four months to almost repeat the total yardage I had knit in all of 2015 combined! Because you know I love a good list, here’s what I made in 2016:

  • 9 hats
  • 2 pairs of mittens
  • 12 sweaters or vests (mostly for babies, but still.. super proud of this one!!!)
  • 2 diaper covers
  • 1 pair of baby overalls
  • 2 scarves
  • 4 socks (one complete pair, one I just finished today, and one I started in the Spring but need to frog because the fit is bad)
  • and two little princess crowns
  • … for a grand total of 7,203 yards! Phew!

Of course, of noteworthy mention was also the release of my first published pattern with Cedar Chest Knits, as well as my first tutorial. New techniques included double knitting and a super weak attempt at switching to continental. I’ll be revisiting that in 2017!

As I look to the year ahead, I am positively giddy with possibility and excitement. I have so many goals. Projects I want to make, patterns I want to create, skills I want to learn… I know that there’s not nearly enough spare moments in the day to accomplish it all (heck, I don’t think there’s enough spare moments in my lifetime to knit all the patterns I love). But because it’s the season for resolutions and it sure doesn’t hurt to dream, here’s all the things I would love to see happen in 2017:

  • Learn to knit Brioche
  • Become proficient at continental knitting (at least enough to be able to do two-handed colorwork)
  • Write two new Cedar Chest Knits patterns
  • Learn to spin (preferably on a wheel, but a drop spindle will do!)
  • Natural dye something (2018 will probably include dreams of a natural dye garden)
  • Find an in-person fiber community through my LYS when we return home. Attend a weekly knit night and actually get to know those people
  • Destash the yarns I have outgrown, and put my money where my mouth is (in regards to ethical sourcing and processing) when acquiring new ones
  • Learn to like sock knitting… I’m hoping to end the year with 5 new pairs
  • Find and frog a thrift store sweater to give new life
  • Faithfully keep track of my #knittingmiles and celebrate the process
  • Knit more for myself… specific FOs I’m carrying a torch for:
    • Briochealuscious by Andrea Mowry
    • Fidra by Gundrun Johnston
    • Hawser by Jared Flood
    • Journey by Alina Schneider
    • Biches et Bûches Mittens No. 56 (got this kit for Christmas, woot!)
  • Befriend the alpaca farmer at our Farmer’s Market. Subpoint: buy more local yarn
  • Teach my oldest daughter to knit. I’m not sure if she’s quite old enough, but we can at least master finger knitting!
  • Actually knit an advent calendar BEFORE Christmas 2017
  • Leave Asia with fewer than 20 skeins of yarn left in my stash
  • Join 3 new knitalongs
  • Not knitting, but related:
    • Keep writing here, with at least one post a week
    • Develop my photography skills so I can better showcase my work
    • Put myself “out there” when it comes to engaging with the fiber community and making dreams come true
    • Pull out the ol’ sewing machine. This can’t happen until we return to America, but I would love to transition away from buying our clothes to making more of them.

Phew, I’m dizzy just thinking about all of these things! But so excited at all that could lie ahead, and what warm and wonderful things might be donned next year at this time. What about you, friends? What are your dreams for the New Year?


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