Thoughts from my first test knit


  1. I am a faster knitter than I realized. When I saw the testing call for this, there were two weeks until the deadline. I thought I could make that okay, but knew I’d need to be diligent. Well, in the smack-dab middle of those two weeks, we bought a house and our whole world went crazy for 4 or 5 days trying to make it happen. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was not hard to finish, even with that big distraction
  2. Dark yarn is really hard to photograph. I simply cannot get pictures to do justice to this stitch pattern.
  3. Designers are normal people. I was a little star-struck to be communicating with Annie and to have to privilege of participating in her publishing process. But she was super sweet and normal, and it was an encouraging reminder from me that all of us in this fiber world started/are starting out from the same place. We’re all family.
  4. Purple is not my color.
  5. I think I’d like to give this away. Beautiful design, fun to knit, but just not something I realistically think I will wear (the purple plays a big factor, see No. 4). Given the growing importance of slow fashion in my life, and being purposeful about my wardrobe, I really want to plant this in a home where it will be loved and worn like it deserves.
  6. I’m still really glad I made it. It was weird to be knitting something knowing I had no real reason for it– usually my to-knit list is so long (between holidays, friends having babies, wanting/needing my own clothes and clothing for my family…) that there are more than enough things to keep my needles full. I don’t really know why I offered to test. I think I just wanted the experience of it. And it was really refreshing to just mindlessly plug away at a design, using only what I already had. And now I have a beautiful gift ready for when the right recipient comes along. I think I’d like to do this kind of knitting every now and again, even just for a palate cleanse.

Pattern: Buddleia by Annie Rowden
Yarn: Cascade Venezia Worsted, from deep within the stash
My project page: Buddleia Cowl – test


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