New days coming

We’re down to four weeks left in this special and trying year abroad… just 28 sleeps between me and the airplane that will carry me back to my homeland. I’ve been tossing and turning most nights, distracted by the excitement of all the new days coming. Mentally arranging furniture in our new house and dreaming of paint colors and chicken coops.

I’ve also been writing lists and talking with my sweet husband about the ways we can end well here. What will we miss most? What do we want to be sure to eat, buy, or see before we say goodbye? It’s been fun and healthy to acknowledge all the joyful things about this city and plan to enjoy them one last time. I’m most eager about one last visit (or two) to the most delicious dumplings cooked in 200-year-old pots at a restaurant in old town. If there’s one thing I simply won’t be able to replicate at home, it’s those little balls of heaven. sigh. 

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what my making has meant to me this year and how excited I am to keep sharing what I knit and design. But I’m also delighted to get my hands back in the dirt and in the kitchen and sharing the beginnings of our homesteading journey as well. It has been a lifeline to me to have a companion in craft this year and I’ve really enjoyed sharing it all here, however infrequently.

That said, you probably won’t hear from me until we’re back on US soil. Too much packing and soaking up the end of it to be done. So with that… see you in Virginia, friends!


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