Meet Erin

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I have always been a creator. It’s in my blood, inherited from my renaissance man of a father. He can create feasts from the simplest of ingredients, soap from lye and water, crops from dirt and dust. He builds, he solders, he brews, and, yes, he knits. If ever I have tried something new, it has been with his encouragement. I can’t remember the first time I held a pair of knitting needles, but I do remember that it was with his guidance.

I am grown, married, and a mama now, but I will always be my dad’s little girl. This blog is a bit of a tribute to the hobbies he has helped instill in me. But it is also a stamp of who I am: a lover of knitting, of good food and spice, of all things hearty and earthy and green. It is my sincerest hope that the words you read and the pictures you see here will invoke those same loves within you.

So welcome to my cedar chest.. the collected memories of a handmade life. I want the things I make to be crafted with the care and expertise. I want the moments I create to be full of love, compassion, and focus on the people around me. And I want both of those things to reflect the heart of a Creator who makes all things beautiful.

Find me on Ravelry here


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