About Cedar Chest Knits

The idea of Cedar Chest Knits is twofold for me: it started out with the notion that the things we make should be treasured. I love thinking about the wool sweater I lovingly crafted for my daughter, stored carefully amidst lavender sachets and brought out a generation later to warm her own children. I love the nostalgia of things made with care and made to last a lifetime. So Cedar Chest Knits, as it relates to the “brand” and name for this space starts there: with purposeful, intentional making. But there’s more to it than that…

When my husband and I decided to move to Asia for a year, the transition brought about a time of deep introspection. I started to process all the different phases of my life— the places I’d lived, the personalities I’d adopted, the people who came and went– and I felt the need to sort of deal with each of those seasons. I wanted to do them justice, to really think about who I am as a person and where I came from, and put some sort of stamp of closure on the past. That all sounds a bit dramatic, I realize, but I suppose living cross-culturally will do that kind of thing to you. Call it a quarter-life crisis! ha! Anyway, I began to write about each of the chapters in my story, which inspired designs for new knitwear pieces. And that’s how #mycedarchestknits was born. It is my aim, over the next several years, to work through that life timeline and develop a collection of patterns that embody who I am and where I’ve been, and then to share that with the fiber community.

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The Invitation

As excited as I am about the pieces I’m designing, I recognize that I am not the only person with a story to tell. What makes Cedar Chest Knits so special to me is the hope that this idea might be shared. It’s an invitation for you to do a little introspection of your own… to journal and reminisce, pull out old photographs, laugh, cry, remember. Then to look between the words and faces in your mind to see colors, patterns, and texture. And then, perhaps, to take the time to actually make that piece and share it with the world.

I’ve developed a printable worksheet to help you draw up some inspiration. I hope you will sit with it as you pour yourself a warm beverage and settle into a creative space.  Share with me on Instagram using #mycedarchestknits and on Ravelry. I truly believe that the memories you stitch together might become the pieces that fill up your cedar chests for generations to come.